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Non-Limited Life | CTS

Non-Limited Life

CTS S.p.A. cylinders are non-limited life certified.

In accordance with the EN12245 standard, in order to have this unique feature certified, CTS cylinders must withstand over 12,000 cycles of filling up to test pressure, which is one and half times the ordinary working pressure.This test is performed not only along with other tests for type or model approval (in order to obtain Module B – EU-type examination certificate, according to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU), but it is also performed on one cylinder in every five lots (in order to obtain Module F – the Certificate of Conformity for the tested lots, according to the requirements of PED 2014/68/EU).

Every lot of CTS S.p.A. cylinders, before being placed on the market, is thus certified by the Notified Body Bureau Veritas, with inspection and control of the batch and issue the Certificate of Compliance (Module F).

The non-limited life feature is highlighted, according to legislation, on the label of each cylinder with the letters “NLL” (“NON-LIMITED LIFE”).