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Sanitisation | CTS


After storage or use, especially if the cylinders have been exposed to dirt or smoke, it is essential that they are sanitised before subsequent use.

CTS S.p.A. Type 4 cylinders’ nozzles are manufactured with special aluminium alloys and anodized, in order to be immune to various corrosive agents. They are also supplied with sleeves and caps characterized by:

  • High flame resistance;
  • Optimal impact resistance;
  • Pleasant aesthetics;
  • Extreme ease of cleaning and sanitisation.

Cleaning and sanitization is a simple procedure that can be performed by anyone, even though the product is highly technological and intended for trained professionals to use. CTS S.p.A.

cylinders can be cleaned just like any household object. They can be simply wiped with a cloth soaked in alcohol or a non-toxic cleaning agent, without worrying about damaging the cylinder or using any special or sophisticated cleaning method.