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Mission | CTS

Thirty years experience


Beginning from its founders’ thirty years experience in the pressurised vessels field, CTS has developped a completely innovative range of ultralight high performance cylinders for compressed gases

CTS has the Know-How to make the most of the opportunities that composite materials can offer, on a worldwide level, in the production of pressurised vessels.



CTS has developped an innovative technology to produce a new kind of composite material cylinder “type 4”, made out of composite material, carbon fiber and resin, and underneath an ultralight liner made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate). In this way the cost is diminished and the performances and reliability of the product are increased. CTS technology is the latest evolution in the development of the different productive methods, started with “type 1” cylinders (completely made out of steel or aluminium alloy), progressively evolved in “type 2” and “type 3” (structure with metallic liner) and lastly landed to the “type 4”. CTS has patented, internationally, a very reliable and economical competitive system to produce this new kind of cylinders with PET liner.