Thanks to the FVG region for their help

25 July 2018

COMPOSITE TECHNICAL SYSTEMS S.p.A. – C.T.S. exhibited at the international exhibition “A + A” that took place in Düsseldorf between 17 and 20 October 2017. 

The A + A Exhibition is the main joint event about work safety, security and health. Here, scientific knowledge is combined with companies’ practical applications. Workshops and meeting places are made, where also politics and industry representatives can discuss.

The participation to the exhibition was possible also thanks to the regional founding of € 7.515,20 that was achieved through the participation to the tender:

Attività 2.2.a – Linea di intervento 2.2.a.3 – Bando DGR 650/2017

Interventi nell’Area di crisi della sedia