Thanks to the FVG region for the “RFID/NFC TAG on type 4 composite materials cylinders project”

25 June 2019

RFID/NFC TAG on type 4 composite materials cylinders project

POR FESR 2014–2020 – Attività 2.3.b.1 – Bando DGR 572/2017

Aiuti agli investimenti e riorganizzazione e ristrutturazione aziendale delle PMI


This project involves the purchase of equipment/machinery/hardware and software needed to optimize the process of traceability and internal product management through RFID / NFC technology. Furthermore, the application of this technology will make the product more competitive by providing the customer with innovative tools that aim to computerize product management, traceability and monitoring.


The realization of the project, thanks to the investments that have been included in the present application, will allow the company to optimize the management of the production system and to enhance its competitiveness on the market by providing the customer with the benefits derived from the use of new technologies. The positioning on the markets where the company operates can be maintained and improved only through the continuous search for improvement of the production process and of the final product.

The realization of the project was possible thanks to the regional contribution of € 17.732,50 obtained with the participation in this tender.